Monday, May 20, 2019

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More Gorgeous Nude Lipsticks from Kim Kardashian are Coming


I can t think of a time after Kim Kardashian West didn’t wear lipstick or gloss. Each of her iconic appearances includes tons of lashes and nude lips, glistening or whether or not ultra-matte eyes and dewy. Therefore it makes total sense she’d push a KKW Beauty nude lipstick extension, using three natural Crème Lipsticks hues and four more lip liners. That makes seven liners total and 11 lipstick colors, giving options for a variety of skin colours that are different.

I’m so excited to share these new extensions,” Kardashian West said in a statement. “A nude lip is way more flexible than you may think. I enjoy layering colors and that I play around with them all the time. ”

KKW Beauty Crème Lipsticks really have a creamy smooth shave thanks to lip-quenching oils and extracts. They ’ re not super matte or long-lasting nevertheless they ’ re easy and comfortable to wear.

kkw beauty nude lips

Image: KKW Beauty.

As for the lip liners they ’ re not supposed to match but instead, add the lips and shape and dimension. You’ll get a close game, or move for a more ’90s ombré seem that people know Kardashian loves.

kkw nude lip liner

In addition, there’ll be pretty epic bundles, such as: Total Nude Lipstick & Lip Liner Bundle (with all 11 nude lipsticks and seven naked lip liners) for $260; New Nude Lipstick & Lip Liner Bundle (with the three new lipsticks and four new lip liners) for $90; also Kim’s Nude Essentials Lip Bundle (with 2.5 Lipstick shade and 1.5 Lip Liner hue) for $28.

Shop the collection May 10 in 12 p.m. PST on the KKW Beauty website.

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Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Wild Earth Bronzing Powders


Dior just started their Summer 2019 cosmetics collection and I had the opportunity to try the two bronzers out! Infused with trace elements and vitamins, the Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Wild Earth bronzing powders are all thought to catch the light and force you to seem tanned.

(Vous parlez français? Cliquez ici! )

Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Wild Earth Bronzing Powders Summer 2019 Review Photos Swatches 01 02 Soft Warm Terra


Rest in Peace, Sweet Boy


Rest in Peace, Sweet Boy

My dear friends. Our sweet cakes abandoned this world on Monday afternoon. It was calm and painless, and he had been surrounded by enjoy that is so much. I’m not ready to discuss it but I needed also to thank you personally for your support and appreciate, and also to let you understand what was happening. Thank you for loving him. Your neighborhood attractiveness addict

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The Beauty Spotlight Team Mother’s Day Weekend Treats


The Secret Beauty Blog of lola is over-the-moon that Boxwalla has established The Perfume Series, along with their first box comprises the Sigil Scent. Where they will pick their favorite — customers will initially get 4 cologne samples to test. Boxwalla will then send a jar of the perfume to them that they picked.

A stunning fresh has been found by pammy Blogs Beauty

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Camouflage (kam e-flaj) n. — Camouflage is defined in the dictionary as a means of disguising things completely, so they appear a natural part of the surroundings. This holds true for the advanced camouflage make-up available today that conceals major to minor skin imperfections, with precision, yet with a perfectly natural look. This new technology, offers the convenience of a cover-up formula that works for both face and body without setting powder. Application techniques have also become more patient friendly to accommodate the women and men who […]

Essential Items For Your Make Up Bag

When putting together your make up collection, it’s easy to lose yourself in a world of sparkling lip glosses and shimmering eyeshadows – and completely forget the essentials of any home make up kit. Here’s a quick list of those boring, but essential, items: Cotton pads Inevitably, at some stage you’re going to apply make up and it’s going to go wrong. Keep a set of cotton pads handy in the same bag as your make up products to help make those unfortunate slips clean up easily. […]

Where To Find Discontinued Cosmetics

Every girl has a product in their make up bag that they simply couldn’t live without. Maybe it’s the mascara that curls your eyelashes better than any lash curlers have ever managed, or the shade of lipstick that is the perfect match for your complexion; whatever it is, we all have our favourite, essential products. But what would you do if that product was suddenly discontinued? The misfortune of discontinued cosmetics is something that hits thousands of women and girls each year, and it’s no exagerration to […]

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Lighted Make Up Mirror

Vanity, it’s always my favorite sin! So I stole that line. You have to admit, it’s a catchy one. It certainly applies to our species more than any other. Actually I don’t think we’ve ever found another species affected by vanity. It’s a human thing. We get up each day, shuffle into the bathroom and make ourselves look as pretty as possible. We definitely don’t want the world seeing us at our worst. Most of us prefer to present a flawless image that can be adored by […]